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Did I Forget About Episode 33?

I was feverishly (well, maybe not feverishly, more like mildly allergically) working on episode 34 when I decided to pull up this site to see what I’d written about episode 33, and I saw I hadn’t written about episode 33. That was a complete mistake on my part, and I will be sending myself to my room to think about what I’ve done until I fall gloriously asleep. I know that doesn’t sound like much punishment, but I assure you, it’s exactly my favorite way to give myself what-for.  It doesn’t stop me from doing it again, so it’s not effective, but it’s still my favorite.

Episode 33 is chock full of pickle forks and olive spoons, pondering about weather reports and the Old Farmer’s Almanac. You know, exactly the sorts of things we’re famous for!