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Episode 38 Is Full of Rabbits

It didn’t start off as a rabbit-themed episode but damned if I didn’t become a rabbit conjurer when I wasn’t paying attention.  Given a lot of people celebrate the colorful Egg-Rabbit this weekend, it seemed kind of timely to post the all-rabbit episode today.

It’s also an all-Tom episode! Funny thing about not being able to drive into work, which is when you normally record audio for the podcast;. You suddenly start recording audio  in your very small house where you are quarantined with your boyfriend, at which point he has no choice but to participate.

We also discuss my Animal Crossing bathroom. I’ve been playing a LOT of Animal Crossing, so there’s no way to avoid mentioning it in at least one episode.

Ep 38: My God It’s Full of Rabbits

Jojojo in her spiffy Adventures in Jodysitting shirt
bathroom break
It turns out this is a bidet. She’s still using it with her pants on. Would you like a blender drink before you brush your teeth?